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The Ice Cream Kit

The Ice Cream Kit


Kit with 3 discs in 100% natural cotton, super soft, double sided. Each disc is 10.5cm in diameter.
Colors: White, beige and light pink.

What are? 
Reusable pads for cleaning the face or body.

How to use? 
Use is the same as with disposable cotton pads! Just apply the desired product on the pads. Serve for facial cleaning, application of products, or to remove makeup!

  • How should I take care of my Ecopad?

    Our Pads are reusable and therefore washable by hand or in a washing machine! We always recommend the use of neutral detergents or soaps (such as coconut, or whatever you use for your face, for example), so that if there is any residue left on the disk, there is no risk of irritating your skin!
    If you use it to remove your makeup, we recommend that you soak it in water (hot or not), right after use, so it will make washing much easier!
    Tip: you can wash while showering, thus saving time and water!

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