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Set made in navy blue lace tulle, details in the same color.  Top with a closed "V" neckline. Full handles.

Cotton lining slip.


  • Specifications and care

    All  our lingerie line is handcrafted and machine reinforced to ensure  durability of parts.

    As it is a delicate item, we recommend that it be washed by hand, with neutral detergent, or suitable for underwear.

    If you choose to machine wash, we recommend  the use of proper bags for washing underwear and in a program for delicate clothes.

    Allow the shade to dry.

    Do not use bleach.

    Do not soak.

    Do not wash with clothes of other colors.

  • Heads up:

    We do not recommend washing in a machine for this model in particular!

    It is a super delicate material and its contact with any rough surface can compromise the integrity of the tulle.

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